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Prussia x Reader: Can Your Pet
Prussia x Reader
Can Your Pet
It was a beautiful early morning outside; almost perfect, even.  The birds chirped happily in the trees around your house.  The sun was still just rising itself, now just halfway showing over the horizon.  The glow gave everything a golden shine.  You, of course, were still sleeping peacefully in your bed, dreaming sweet dreams without a care.  Then…
Your eyes shoot awake as the sudden shout echoes through your room.  Your arms and legs flail in a panic until you end up tumbling out of bed.  You stand back up, getting your bearings back.  Your heart is still beating rapidly when you finally notice your alarm clock.  It was only 5:30 in the morning!  Why did your alarm go off now!?  Then you look at your Ipod, plugged into the clock, and now blaring “Marukaite Chikyuu Prussia Version” through the speakers.  You didn’t set it to play that, either!
You hear cackling through your wi
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Elemental Icons Set by FaethS Elemental Icons Set :iconfaeths:FaethS 9 0 Dolphin fakemon -1- by Cinnamon-Quails Dolphin fakemon -1- :iconcinnamon-quails:Cinnamon-Quails 7 0 Custom Foos -Talurea by HazardBat Custom Foos -Talurea :iconhazardbat:HazardBat 3 0 Ruppet. by septembyr Ruppet. :iconseptembyr:septembyr 17 20
Mature content
Dave x John - Blank Slate Pt. 2 :iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 70 154
Hot Summer Showers by BagelCollector Hot Summer Showers :iconbagelcollector:BagelCollector 56 32 Hot Summer Showers Postcard by BagelCollector
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Hot Summer Showers Postcard :iconbagelcollector:BagelCollector 20 16
Shooting Star by Lumoswold Shooting Star :iconlumoswold:Lumoswold 33 5 Yata by akaneehyuuga Yata :iconakaneehyuuga:akaneehyuuga 2 0 he'll yeha by ReadYourBook he'll yeha :iconreadyourbook:ReadYourBook 269 12
Dave x John - Blank Slate Pt. 1
You’re John Egbert, and you haven’t touched the piano in a while. It’s collecting dust. You wanted to have a career that involved that piano in your life. You suppose you have to make sacrifices for a relationship. Besides, what’s one year off of college?
You can hear him in the kitchen. Probably scarfing down meat like a hungry stray dog. Yet he gains no weight. What he gains is strength, and it only adds to the list of reasons to be afraid of him. Yet he’s good to you. You just have to follow the rules. Then he’ll love you forever.
Nervous, you peek into the kitchen. He’s sitting on the counter, eating a sandwich full of ham. Part of it has fallen on his ripped up jeans.
You met him when you got a part time job at a club, needing to make money to keep yourself supported alone in this house. He got you some drinks, you became tipsy, and he took you to his car, and things happened. You’re still not sure if you wanted those things t
:iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 68 71
My own irresponsibility saved my dog's life today.
Thursday morning, I was supposed to drive an elderly friend of our family to a doctor's appointment, but I forgot and woke up late. Neither me nor my mother remembered this until this morning. My mother took my dog, Guido, to the vet this morning, he hasn't been doing well, but he seems happy most of the time. She asked the vet to call her before starting the surgery, so she could know how much it would cost, which would ultimately decide if she would have him put down or not. Later the same day, she called the woman I was supposed to drive to apologize for my irresponsibility. As soon as she got off of the phone, she had a voice mail from the vet. The message told her the price of the procedure, which was out of mom's price range for keeping Guido alive. So she called the vet up after the message finished, and told them to put him down. The vet then told her that he had already finished the procedure, and that Guido would be fine. After informing the vet that he shouldn't have started
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Dave x John - Blank Slate Prologue
Search: ectobiologist
Chumhandle not found!
Search: ectoBiologist
Chumhandle not found!
Search: ghostyTrickster
Chumhandle not found!
Chumhandle not found!
Search: tentacleTherapist
Chumhandle not found!
Search: gardenGnostic
Chumhandle not found!
Search:  youre a piece of shit pesterchum i hope skype kills you
Chumhandle not found!
You slam your fists into the keyboard. The K cracks a bit, and the chumhandle “nz,djxk” appears in the search bar. Obviously, it’s not found.
You look at your own chumhandle, sitting at the top of the screen.
Just you. You put your chumhandle in the search bar. Press enter.
Chum found! Add?
You click yes, and your chumhandle appears on your friends list. You delete it immediately. You try ectoBiologist again. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. None of them exist.
You click through the Washington phone book online. Probably the first time you’ve ever used one, even if on the internet
:iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 80 101
Dave x John - Sworn Duties Chap. Thirteen
Dave gets nightmares sometimes.
He doesn’t get them like you used to about that one guy who almost killed you with the pillow. He flashbacks into them, as if it’s happening again. Or at least he says. He doesn’t wake up screaming and sweating. He just kind of gasps, waking you up, and you both turn to hold onto the other and you sooth him until he’s better.
King duties are mind numbing. You listen, but you’re not there. Hours and hours a day of meetings and talking to different groups of soldiers about their quest to find Noir. Dave follows you around all day, and his hand caresses your leg under the table when the long meetings begin to make you want to just give up and collapse.
For better safety, Jake and Jane and a few others from the Crocker household come to the castle. Jake joins your small group of higher leveled leaders that go off to be in charge of their own groups of soldiers. Karkat doesn’t like him, but since you’re all fighting f
:iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 44 123
Mature content
Dave x John - Sworn Duties Chap. Twelve :iconplajus-chan:Plajus-Chan 49 178



The good news is I'm not dead.

The bad news is I doubt I'll be coming back here very much. I've kind of moved over to Tumblr and made my nest there. Plus, there's so much going on in real life over here than it's hard to even keep up with much else. 

So go follow me on Tumblr (windywithachanceofirony) if you want, drop me an ask with your dA name, I'll be glad to hear from you all again c: 

I've also got a Steam and I'll be playing on there soon! I'm windyclocks~

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United States
I'm really a fairly simple person. What I like, I'm very passionate about, and what I don't like, well... You'll know xDD I'm sorry if I have a very weird sense of humor, it runs in my family. I'm fairly easy to keep happy, and always nice- so long as you're the same to me. I can be short sometimes, but I never mean it <3 My friends and family mean the world to me.
I can't sum up myself in just one little paragraph- so talk to me! I promise I don't bite. Unless you're into that kinda stuff */shot*

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
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